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Review - BlackSite: Area 51

Blacksite Area 51 Review
Posted on January 25, 2008 by Victor Dangelo

This past year marked arguably the greatest year ever for gaming as there were many high-quality games released on the Sony PS3 as well as other next-gen consoles.  Many shooters such as Call of Duty 4 took the console world by storm while games like Uncharted paved the way for some truly innovative experiences.  Midway Studios – Austin has developed Blacksite: Area 51 in hopes of adding to what has been a great year of gaming, but did they succeed?

Blacksite: Area 51 heading into release actually had a lot of positive buzz around it as there were many press outlets praising the game for its impressive visuals and frantic action.  You take on the role of Aeran Pierce who is your typical bad mofo who sets out with a group of military men by his side to battle evil.  


The game kicks off on a mission in Iraq when a sample of alien origin is discovered.  One of your men is lost and you suddenly black out.  Three years later you wake up and find out that these aliens are back and it is up to you to take them down.

Midway tried to do a lot of things with the game but in the end what you are left with is your typical run-of-the-mill shooter.  There really is not much here that is going to make you say wow of believe that any type of innovation or creativity was taken into account in the development of the game.  Midway tried to do things such as a morale system where your teammates would be happier and more effective the better you perform, but simple things such as A.I. hamper this from being enjoyable or effective in any way.

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BlackSite: Area 51 BLACKSITE: AREA 51
Publisher: Midway Games
Developer: Midway Studios - Austin
Genre: Action
ESRB: Early Childhood
Release: 2007-12-10
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: 5.5


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