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Feature - Mars

PCN interview on Spiders' God of War-inspired ARPG, Mars
Posted on March 21, 2009 by Nick

We recently had the chance to speak with Spiders Games, a new independent developer based out of France.  Comprised of several veteran game designers, the new developer was formed in July 2008.  Just last week, Spiders announced their first major title, a PS3 console exclusive action RPG called Mars.  We caught up with CEO Jehanne Rosseau and get some of the first details behind their first project.

PS3Center: This is Spiders' first game as a new development studio, right?  Many of the big name game developers have been closing their doors lately due to the global economic recession.  Do you guys feel pressured at all as a new developer?

Jehanne Rosseau: It’s not an easy period for any development studio, new or not, and being a young studio has never been easy, even in better times. We have to be careful and we can’t focus only on our creation. That’s why our studio is proposing services too, such as porting for example. For now it’s these services, among others, that allow us to develop in parallel our creation. The launch of our studio is stressful sometimes, but we really believe in our game, and that independent dev studios a driving force behind the renewal of the industry.

PCN: On the game's website, it mentions Mars will be released for the PC and PS3.  Why did Spiders opt for those two platforms?  Are there any limitations with designing games for both the PC and PS3?  Will you be doing anything special to take advantage of the PS3's architecture?

JR: The PS3 is a very interesting platform, with a huge potential, even if it isn't very easy to access. There are very few RPGs for now on this console, and we really think that the fans are waiting for some good games in this genre on PS3. That’s why we decided to take it as our primary platform.  The PC came with it when we chose the engine.  We decided to use the Phyre Engine from Sony, and the engine works cross platform with the PC.

Of course designing games on both PC and PS3 is not easy as the two platforms are very different (particularly to find some interesting controls on both, or on the performance part) but in nearly all aspects(visually, technically etc) the PS3 is our reference, and the PC follows.  First and foremost, we want Mars to be a great PS3 game.

As I already mentioned, to be able to use the very particular architecture of the PS3 we decide to use the Phyre Engine, which is really designed to use all the cores and is really optimized for this platform. We think honestly that it’s the best engine for the PS3, and it allows us to plan a lot of effects and shaders so we are able to reach a very high quality game, not only with beautiful graphics but a high frame rate too!

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Publisher: --
Developer: Spiders
Genre: Action RPG
ESRB: Not Yet Rated
Release: 2009--
Wished: 1
PCN Rating: NR


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