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Feature - Duke Nukem Forever

Now Is The Best Time For Gamers
Posted on June 15, 2011 by Dustin S.

We got something that isn’t entirely normal this year. We have good games over the summer months. Usually we get subpar games that are not worth the price tags, or no games at all. Anyone remember when all we had for nearly two months was Ghostbusters? Well not only do we have good games, but it’s also a test to see if you are a true gamer as well.The best part of it all, two franchises have made a return after very long hiatus. 

These quality games we are getting are not coming in the terms of AAA. Instead Alice, FEAR, Duke Nukem, and InFamous are more moderate games with twists. Duke Nukem and FEAR being the only ones to offer your standard shooter elements. The other two go off and explore new concepts, and will most likely catch your eye if you want to try something new. Waiting for the AAA games to release this fall adds to the excitment, and if you want the time to pass faster maybe you should give InFamous and Alice a look. 

The next twist to these games? Well two of them have been long awaited by their core fanbases. You of course have Duke Nukem, which has gone through development hell. Delay after delays, and even a studio closure, the game finally got into our hands. Reviews haven’t been favoring the game however, and fan reception is a bit mixed even with everyone being excited to finally play it. Next to it is of course Alice Madness Returns, which believe it or not has also been expected for nearly the same amount of time. The first Alice title released in 2000 (Just 3 years after the announcement of Duke Nukem Forever), and the fans have been begging for the second title for years. It’s finally here and the reception behind it seems to be a bit more positive, and after playing it myself I can see why. Could the two be showing off who aged better after being gone for so long?

Obviously these games wouldn’t be able to compete on the “AAA” scale that is heading our way this fall purely based off name brand games. However the quality of these games are something unique, an experience gamers usually miss. Either they are story driven like Alice, offer a different play style like InFamous, or are just outright fun and not all about realistic aspects like Duke Nukem. They are games that would get pushed aside if they released next to Uncharted or Call of Duty. Releasing them in the summer window was a fantastic idea. That is if we as gamers can make the sales numbers meet requirements. Otherwise expect the summer months to go back to being bland, and games like this being overshadowed by high development titles. Try something new and enjoy the whole reason we love to be gamers.

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Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Gearbox Software
Genre: Shooter
ESRB: Mature 17+
Release: 2011-06-14
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: 6.0