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Online Passes : Enough is Enough
Posted on July 7, 2011 by Dustin S.

We all know about the dreaded online pass that EA has started. New games come with special codes to unlock the online portion of games. Anybody that purchases these games used has to then go to the online store and buy the code, which normally runs at 10 to 15 dollars. The code can only be used on one account, and has tons of issues arising as the days go on. Before we step any further, we do support new developers and we do support the idea of finding a way to show them our support. However the idea of punishing people buying used games is not the solution and here is why.

The Full Circle

Developers are complaining that used game sales are taking away from people buying their games new. Thus less money goes into their pockets and complaining comes about. However unlike piracy, used game sales have a full circle. You buy a game, you play the game, you take the game to trade in, you use the trade in money to buy a new game. You take away that trade in portion of the circle; you break the rest of the circle. Sure I will no longer trade in my game, but that means I have less money to buy your new game. Thus my collection gets smaller and you lose even more sales. Let’s face it that 60 dollar price tag on new games is a bit high for the general audience of gamers.

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