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What to Expect From Sony at E3 2012
Posted on May 30, 2012 by Shak

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012 is just days away, and this year we’ve had very few leaks regarding Sony’s announcements. With that said, there are some rumors flying around about certain possible announcements, but nothing has been confirmed at the moment. So here’s what you can expect from Sony’s E3 conference this year, and we’ve tried to put the rumors on the first few pages, and the predictions on the latter ones.

Sony gets into cloud gaming

This one has been rumored for a few days now, and it makes sense from a business standpoint to move into cloud gaming, sooner rather than later. There have been rumors that this will be a partnership with Gaikai, which is co-founded by the David Perry, who once worked for Sony. It’s also a smaller operation compared to OnLive, so I’d say it is a more likely acquisition that will have mutually beneficial results. How could this be implemented? Some are saying that it could work well for full game trials and demos, and others say that it could replace backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4. It’s also very likely that it will be included in the PlayStation Plus subscription, which evidence seems to point to.

Likelihood - Quite Likely

PlayStation Vita Focus

The PlayStation Vita needs some new software, and although some games have been announced for the system pre-E3, Sony are probably going to leave the big games till E3. What could these games be? Well showing Call of Duty for the PlayStation Vita will be one of the best announcements they can make, and if they’ve got a Bioshock game to show for the system too, which was announced last year, even better. In any case, these are games we know are in development, I’m looking forward to see brand new games for the system.

Likelihood - Guaranteed

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