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07-11-2005, 06:17 PM
Forget what gamespot says, this game is great.

The only reason most people are bashing lcs is because of the obvious mistakes, like framerate and graphics. But those people don't realize this isn't a ps2. Its a PSP. That means you can play gta wherever you are. Whether it be in bed, in the kitchen, or at the park, you can play it.

Storyline isin't great. Feels more like a b plot to GTA3, but the dialogue is hilarious.

The gameplay is, well, what you expect in GTA. Greatness.

If you own a psp, get this game.

07-11-2005, 11:15 PM
Yup, Thats right, this game is great (on GameSpot they did give it a great btw 8.6 for GS = Great) And it should be an even higher rating than the 8.6 that it got from GameSpot. Even though the storyline, graphics, and a couple other things are a little lacking, the game is awesome. Actually for a psp the game's graphics are really good. Also the fact that there is almost no loading throughout the game is amazing. And just having GTA whereever you got is CRAZY!!! :!:

09-03-2006, 11:12 PM
graphics lacking???!!! what are you talking about... i think you forget that this is a portable... just look at the graphics for the DS now those are lacking... This games is great...not to mention it alllows you to run emulators on version 2.6

28-03-2007, 03:55 AM
i would love to place this for a handheld...looks fun on a handheld.....graphics are pretty good for a handheld

19-04-2007, 02:44 AM
best handheld game ever!

24-04-2007, 12:34 AM
I borrowed this from my friend...didn't really stick to the storyline since I always get distracted by exploring the city. The experience isnt as good as the ps2 versions but it's still gta.

20-06-2007, 09:41 AM
I'm always wondering why they rereleased it for PS2. Seems counterintuitive.