View Full Version : Android 2.2 iPad Alternatives

11-12-2010, 06:58 AM
Just released in SZ (China). New iPad clones run Android 2.2 / Windows 7 with "decent" hardware equal to iPad, supporting Flash 10.1 and multitasking.

8" Android 2.2 aPad - 1GHz Cortex A8 Processor - 512MB DDR2 (http://www.vostrostone.com/8-android-22-tablet-cortex-a8-1ghz-cpu-512mb-ddr2-p-203.html)

10.1" Windows 7 ePad - 1.66GHz Atom N455 - 2GB DDR3 - 32GB SSD (http://www.vostrostone.com/101-win7-tablet-atom-n455-2gb-ddr3-32gb-ssd-p-206.html)

Any reviews, discussion on those? I have laid my money down and waiting for the courier to show up. Been burnt before and not holding my breath, but as an ebook reader and wifi surfer?