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Devzzz 29-10-2011 01:51 PM

Playstation network account USB?
Hi, i am getting a playstation for christmas, and because i have to share between 2 different houses i will have 2 consoles, is there a way to have your playstation network account and its saves on a usb stick rather than having it on the consoles hard drive? I don't really want to have to set up 2 different network accounts for both houses.


X_Racer1 29-10-2011 04:24 PM

Your PlayStation Network account info is uploaded to Sony's servers, hence if you log into a PS3 anywhere in the world, you have access to all your games (assuming you download them all), Home apartment and items, etc. Game saves are a different matter as some games do NOT allow you to copy their saves, but the easy solution is just have a PlayStation Plus subscription, Sony includes free cloud storage with the subscription for game saves so that you can always access your game progress, regardless of where you are or what console you may have (also great if your console dies).

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