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System 20-04-2009 04:52 PM

Kojima Productions: Do you really want Zone of the Enders 3?
In the latest Metal Gear Solid Integral podcast, Kojima Productions asks fans if they are really interested in Zone of the Enders 3.


liquid(NYC) 25-04-2010 09:53 AM

why even ask..kojima yes make this happen (1.)GRAPHICS more details keep it the same just add more shadow,lighting color,detail,blur effect..FULLY (1080p)HD!..(ANIMATION) movement wise like (naruto) they as in NAMCO BANDAI capture the exact movement that you see on the anime...wich was perfect in not saying to play like naruto cause zoe has the best gameplay if you ask me ok back to the game (SOUND)HD DTS! and more if so you guys really do and put time into your Sound Track..look at killzone 2 god of war gears of war gt5 naruto sc4 oh one more DRAKES..the name speaks for its self how can i for get MSG4 show something at E3...if you can make it cg real time then call it your best project everything as you see the game must be eye caching even the stars the stages just flying around will shock you keep the same gameplay make it more flexible chose weapons in the middle of a fight and lots of style again like i said lots of detail this will be your biggest hit...add some water rain jungle sunset better galaxy interact with background even when your fighting with someone keep it at a fast paste like part 2 bigger bosses hey maybe add co op mode that will be something new for the fans...remember you have all the power in your hands wich is PS3 Not 360!

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