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X_Racer1 31-07-2009 01:33 AM

Stolen PS3 Tracked Down by PSN
Well it's was an unlucky day for one gamer out there, according to Engadget (Yes, I know it's almost a year old but it's still a good story), a gamer by the name of Dustin Waller happened to receive a "used" PlayStation 3 as a gift and upon receiving it used the previous owners PSN account still on the machine and continued to do so for about a month. Turns out his "used" PlayStation 3 was stolen and after that month of gaming, the police showed up at his door and took his console away, apparently the police traced his IP address to his location but Sony had to be involved in some way, although this isn't totally clear. The final kicker for the poor gamer when he went back to the 3-D Games store where the console was bought to get a refund, he was refused and all they would offer him was an Xbox 360 in return, to which Waller complains "isn't nearly as expensive or sophisticated as the PlayStation."

Sauberbmw 31-07-2009 01:43 AM

haha just goes to show that crime never pays.

there was also the truck of 360's stolen in ontario

trediddy 31-07-2009 01:47 AM

HA a 360 that sucks lol

X_Racer1 31-07-2009 01:48 AM

Ah yes, I believe we covered that in this thread, but the sad thing in this case is the guy didn't know it was stolen and probably the purchaser didn't either and they got screwed over in the end, I mean a 360 as a replacement for selling a stolen machine, that's just pathetic.

Dustin S. 31-07-2009 02:44 AM

Technicly speaking if the console was stolen and he purchased it from the store, he has a lawsuit with the store. He can tell the cops where he got it from, have them get in trouble instead of him, and with that get another PS3 along with some money. If he didn't do this then obviously he knows something was up with it and didnt want to get in trouble.

I always wondered if you could track it down with PSN though. I always fear mine getting stolen. Ive been robbed before and had 3 cars stolen before, its not a good feeling. At one point your somewhat scared but at the same time your extremely ****ed that people are complete morons like that.

However tracking my IP address, it goes to a general area because it leads to my IP main station and not my direct house since its cable and they use hubs for neighborhoods. Im sure they could contact my IP and get direct address though easily.

X_Racer1 31-07-2009 02:56 AM

I'm sure the police have far better IP tracking tools then available to the public, besides it's not like they can't get the information from your ISP, all they need is a warrant. That sucks about the cars though, luckily my car looks so bad due to the rusting body, common problem with Honda's of that time and the piece of the front bumper missing, no one would want to steal it. I do know some people who lived in Quebec, old neighbours, had a fairly new Toyota Camry, came back from shopping and their parking space was empty and I know someone who frequently travels to the Montreal area, who has had their mirror destroyed, window smashed and company vehicles broken into numerous times and things stolen. I think the main thing to tracking down your PlayStation if it's ever stolen is knowing it's serial number and having your account information available to give police and Sony so they can track it because even if they deleted your account, I'm sure Sony can check whether your console's serial number has hit the network recently.

Dustin S. 31-07-2009 03:04 AM

Yeah i fix up alot of cars interior and what not so they look nice. My friend had this brand new interior and what not with a nice remote starting alarm. Decided to go to the number one place in AZ where cars are stolen for some reason, saw a movie, came back the window was gone the stereo equipment was gone, the interior was destroyed, the callum was screwed up, and they went into the hood and stole the alarm lol. Ive had my car stripped clean before too.

As for tracking it that is defently a great idea! The numbers are also on the box so if ou keep that hidden away you are pretty good. Then you can also call sony and have them ban and track the mac address of the PS3, thats how they perm ban you from the network. That way if it tries to access the internet it triggers an alarm in sonys half and they contact you. If they implement this right it would be the ultimate thing ever, would make alot of theives think twice about stealing any PS3.

X_Racer1 31-07-2009 03:15 AM

Well technically MAC addresses can be spoofed rather easily, plus your MAC address isn't available to anything past your router or your modem, once the PlayStation 3 passes through one of these all you can pickup is the MAC address of the router or modem so Sony could never use that for banning, it has to be the serial number or some other identifying feature of the console they use. But still definitely keep track of your box and if you can't write down that serial number in a safe place.

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