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X_Racer1 15-02-2010 04:32 PM

New PSN Usage Numbers Released
Yes Sony has released new numbers indicating usage of the PlayStation Network, to be more specific more than 40 million users. Now when you first hear the numbers that Sony announced and the subsequent number of 360 Gold members (23 million) you think Sony is winning but as 1UP point out it's unclear how Sony comes up with 40 million users, especially with rampant use of multiple accounts.

Now regardless of how it's counted it's still an achievement for Sony and the PSN platform.

xEN7xASSASSINx 15-02-2010 04:58 PM

this is the point ive been trying to make clear ok.. yes there is the ps3 and ps3.. but they arent saying its just ps3.. they are saying PSN..

and as a whole it has MORE.. and why?.. becauseyou can not in anyway possible try and say there is over 17 million multiple/pc only accounts..

and as for GOLD a good million or so of them are also multiple accounts and thats fact.. it also includes xbox one users who pay to play online.. and also includes the people who have made a gold account using 24 + 48 hours gold codes.. and the fact if you make a new account you get a month free.. i know a few buddys who have 2-4 accounts because of this and because they didnt want to either pay for a new name or didnt have the money at the time there sub ran out..

so i kinda wish people would stop knocking sony for these figures because its obvious that there are multiple accounts but even still you cant cancel out 17 million by that.. so as a whole PSN has more than GOLD..

also GOLD has had 2.3million online at once.. so technically they hold that title since sony wont release how many online users they have had on at once..

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