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glen421 04-01-2010 09:05 AM

Naughty Dog says there is still more potential with the cell processor?
In this aritcle which is mostly about UC II development cycle. There is a little snur-bin (I made that up) of what they have done with the cell processor. Evan Wells says there is still un-tapped power in the cell processor and they would like for the console to be around for 5-6 more years. Please read the whole article it's pretty good. Can all PS3 games just go through Naughty Dog? Or at least have Naughty Dog teach or hold a class for everyone else on how to develop for the PS3....

saxxon20 04-01-2010 01:58 PM

I can't wait for the next Naughty Dog game!!

Dustin S. 04-01-2010 02:52 PM

ND and Insomniac both "teach" and share their resources with all other devs, even third parties. Im sure there are certain things they hold back from to give themselves an edge, but its all good fun.

However like I said, it may be "using all of the cell" but rather or not its using the cell correctly is the question. They just need to organize.

As for the PS3 sticking around they have two options.

1 They already lost this gen there is no hope for it. They can keep the PS3 on the market longer than every other console. So when the Wii fad dies out and nintendo pushes people to Wii 2, and 360 starts slipping so they relase 480 to have better tech, Sony can keep pushing PS3. Even if it doesnt top those consoles, as long as it keeps up they are fine.

2 Eff it, meet demand and release a console before or at the same time as the competitors. Obviously whoever is first to shelves has the edge over everyone, doesnt matter if its the better tech or what. The truth be told, Nintendo is only selling tons because its a fad and nothing more.

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