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poddedi 24-10-2007 02:28 AM

Help please
Hi I just got the 80 gig PS3. I have connected it wirelessly. But it is not allowing me to play PS2 games wirelessly. I have just gone and bought a memory card and network adapter however it is still not allowing me to play others online. So i connected it with the ethernet line and still it wont connect. What is going on and what do I need to do. I followed instructions all settings are the same as in the book. Please help me.

nabokovfan87 25-10-2007 05:49 AM

um i will need some more info, but ill just say this. go to your internet settings and check the nat type.

1 means directly connected to the internet (no router)
2 means connected, but not directly (wireless properly connected)
3 means not properly connected (ports are not open, psn will not work properly)

i have the ports on my blog over at vgevo, just pm me if you need those or you need to know how to open them. best of luck.


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