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X_Racer1 27-09-2010 11:06 AM

Kotick Has Hit a New Low
Yes, Bobby Kotick, the one we love to hate at Activision has hit a new low, claiming that Activision "takes better care of its acquisitions than Electronic Arts and assuring that folks in the industry don?t want to work there." This coming from the man who runs the company that had the blow-up with Infinity Ward and subsequently, said people from Infinity Ward went straight to EA and from all indications prefer EA. Not to mention the countless poor efforts for games put out by Activision's supposedly better taken care of acquisitions while EA has been putting out quite a few good games under their acquisitions.

At times I have to think that Kotick is trying to dig himself a grave for himself and one for Activision as he spews more bull**** then almost anyone else in the gaming industry.

Dustin S. 27-09-2010 08:31 PM

Didnt see this post before posting the story sorry.

I read it and honestly cant believe he is still working at Activision. He has no sense of respect for anyone and only cares about the money going in his wallet. Its stupid and a bad idea for this industry. He needs to go.

He basically called IW, MOH devs, the guys behind the multi award winning NHL series, and so on all worthless losers. I mean the only compliment he has is for Madden? Does he have no sense of quality at all? Madden is the only EA title that gets hate year in and year out.

X_Racer1 27-09-2010 10:11 PM

Don't worry about it, the news article covered more and it's news nonetheless so it should appear in the news section.

As for Kotick, the only reason he is still in is because he does one thing right, raking in the cash, gamers can hate him as much as we want, but as long as that dude keeps the shareholders happy with the dough rolling in he has almost airtight job security. So short of their being mass public disgust over Kotick's remarks or a sudden drop in sales, we are stuck listening to this pile of **** for awhile yet.

Dustin S. 28-09-2010 06:59 PM

No worries, after Black Ops the COD series is going to begin its decline. You can just feel it. People were mad that both WaW and MW2 were just expansions at full price, and Black Ops is the same way with a few added perks. With their yearly cycle there is no way for any of the 3 developers to evolve it.

Second you have EA trying to push their way back in that market and you have Ubisoft finally coming back to it. Imagine what a solid Rainbow Six and Medal of Honor is going to do to COD. People are going to see quality elsewhere.

Lastly they screwed over PS3 gamers, PS3 gamers are getting bigger and louder. When a dev like EA steps in and says dont worry about them, we got you covered. Guess who gets the praise?

So with COD being their last money making franchise plumeting, unless Activision brings something new to the table I doubt Kotick will stay. The only hope for them is Bungie, but EA has Insomniac, and both developers seem to be in talks to target the same genre at the same time.

I also like how Kotick tries to take credit for things Blizzard did. Sure both companies are good at ripping off people, but Blizzard did it creatively and Activision had nothing to do with it. If I see a COD MMO I hope Kotick gets shot in the face the day they announce it.

m0tl3sl4y3r 28-09-2010 07:57 PM

I hope Kotick gets shot in the face too.....he is screwing us over and people can't afford to screw us over anymore because we are bigger and louder like Dustin says.
Kotick can't take credit for Blizzard. I almost feel bad for being such a Blizzard fan because by supporting a company I like (Blizzard), I also support a company that I hate (Activision) just because Kotick is so stupid.
I have to sorta disagree with you Dustin, COD isn't really their last money making game...they still have WoW unless you purposely left that out

Dustin S. 28-09-2010 08:58 PM

I purposely left it out because like I said Kotick shouldn't get credit for it at all. Plus if Guitar Hero (already failing thanks to Rock Band) and COD (going to lose to future EA titles) start slumping I doubt WoW will hold the company up. I mean it held Blizzard up, but Blizzard wasn't this massive publisher trying to take over the world and they only spent money on what 3 games? Taking their sweet ass time on all of them so they werent really alot of man power.

What will happen is they will keep milking COD for as long as they possibly can. Probably introduce an MMO style online to it, have it fail, go back to normal COD, try to renovate it and still fail then EA will take their crown back or Ubisoft will get it.

Why? Because the second they start plumeting dearly, they will start releasing all kinds of things including a horrible idea of WoW2 or some type of MMO which will destroy all their resources. Kotick will get fired and the quality will go up again and their focus wont be inside our wallets, but the reviews put on the internet. I say this because it happens to every big company, most notably EA. Remember when they were king, remember when their games sucked, remember when all they wanted to do was milk our wallets.

m0tl3sl4y3r 28-09-2010 10:32 PM

okay, I thought you purposely left it out.
you're right, he doesn't deserve the credit for it or anything Blizzard does but I could be bias because I like almost everything that Blizzard makes (except for warcraft 3, I can tolerate wow but only in small amounts)
I don't mind Blizzard taking time on their games but I know a lot of people got fed up with waiting for starcraft 2 but I thought the wait for Sc2 was worth it.
Activision is gonna start losing a lot of ground like you say because EA is making GOOD titles unlike the **** that Activision releases.
I hope that Activision is forced to pay by the old Infinity Ward guys that are suing them
I don't want Activision to die though cause they own Blizzard

Dustin S. 29-09-2010 01:26 AM

The thing is Activision won't die, they will just need to re build when they crash. Fire people, get games going in the right direction, and give the crown to someone else to hold over the game industry. Their games will no longer be the spot light and evil deed every fall, someone else will take that role.

If anything you WANT this to happen to them. Its sad that people lose their jobs and a company struggles, but we NEED quality games. With how things are going thats just not happening with them. They are sending us rehashed games with slight improvements on a yearly basis. Instead we want to see an improvment, a step up, and something new with ever COD title released. Not COD MW 1.2 and COD MW 1.3, we want MW2.0 and MW 3.0.

m0tl3sl4y3r 29-09-2010 01:44 AM

it would be a good thing if they did die...thing is I doubt it will happen..with all of the people buying COD and GH games, I doubt they will lose a lot of money.
they do need to change their staff...especially that boss.
I suppose I wouldn't mind if they did change their long as Blizzard games don't suffer

Dustin S. 29-09-2010 02:28 AM

If Im not mistaken, Blizzard and Activision run as separate branches just under the same name. So if Acti struggled, it wouldn't exactly effect Blizzard unless it was severe.

Kinda like how Sony's SCEA has no effect on Sony Pictures or any of the other branches.

m0tl3sl4y3r 29-09-2010 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by Dustin S. (Post 60305)
If Im not mistaken, Blizzard and Activision run as separate branches just under the same name. So if Acti struggled, it wouldn't exactly effect Blizzard unless it was severe.

Kinda like how Sony's SCEA has no effect on Sony Pictures or any of the other branches.

okay, thanks for explaining

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