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X_Racer1 18-05-2010 10:04 PM

Best Gaming Memory/Memories
I got the idea for this thread after PlayStation sent out a tweet today mentioning that today, May 18th, is the day back in 1994 when Sony Computer Entertainment America was created and in celebration what were any early PlayStation memories you might have had.

Now in the interest of accommodating gaming memories of any sort I posted this in the Multi-Platform but what is one of your best/early gaming memories/memory. I'll start off by repeating the one I posted to Twitter in response.

The Christmas I got my PS1 along with Gran Turismo 2, first video game system that was mine, oh the fun I had with that console.

That particular memory was one of the best as it marked the first time I ever owned my own console and it also laid the foundation for my loyalty to Sony as to this day I have never owned any console since getting my PS1 by any company other than Sony.

GrantedAccess 19-05-2010 06:20 PM

The day I got my PS1 with Final Fantasy VII. I have played through that game over 10 times. And likewise, I have yet to own any console that has not belonged to Sony.

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