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fLoOn34 21-02-2009 02:06 PM

Blu ray issues w/ movies & games / Drive does work
I'm getting very frustrated here.

I had an original release 60gb PS3, and back in October it started acting up. It would freeze, and power down on it's own. So I sent it to Sony for repair, and they just simply sent me a brand new 60gb unit which I recieved Nov 1st or so.

As soon as I received it I popped in Resistance, and it played perfectly. I've also played a few ps2 and ps1 games, and regulard DVD's and they all play fine. Well, I've barely used the thing since then simply because I don't have the time or desire to play it much.

The unit has pretty much just sat there, only used as an occasional ps2 or regular DVD player.

But last night I popped in a Blu ray movie (first time since I got it back) and there were a ton of lines all over the screen. I thought maybe the disc was scratched, inspected it, but found it to be flawless! So I tried three more blu ray movies, and I had the same problem with all of them!
So, I put in a regular DVD, and it played perfectly!

Then I put in Assassin's Creed and the damn thing looked like Star Fox on Acid!
There were lines and angles shooting all over the screen and I couldn't see the characters at all. When the loading screens came up, I get similar lines as with the Blu ray movies. But when the game play would start up, it was triangle polygon fest 2009!

So I stuck Resistance in there since I knew it worked back in November, and sure enough it played FLAWLESSLY! What is the deal? Is it becuase Resistance is a SONY game that it plays fine?

Anyway, I need to know if there is anything I can do to make the blu ray rom read more cleanly.

I don't know if this was an issue since day one, and I just didn't test it enough with blu ray discs to find out.

Again, Resistance played perfect in Nov, and still plays perfectly. But all of my blu ray movies and the rest of my PS3 (blu ray) games have issues. But all ps2, ps1 and regular DVD's play fine too.


OKAY update! GTA IV and Sonic the Hedge hog play fine too. But Assassin's creed still has the angles and blocks issues, and the screen goes black some too. The disc works fine in two other PS3's but will not work right in my ps3. I'm worried I have a 50% 50% play back on Blu rays, but just dont' have enough blu rays to test it with. Any cluse as to what I can do to correct this?

nelson149 21-02-2009 04:39 PM

you can try to contact sony and see if they will help you

Sauberbmw 22-02-2009 02:00 AM

do you have the 2.60 update because if you do then it is caused by the firmware. sony will not replace your drive for free and will make you pay 150 dollars to fix it.

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