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X_Racer1 28-03-2010 10:04 AM

No DLC for Battlefield 1943
Yes as revealed by DICE during PAX East, they have no plans to release DLC for Battlefield 1943, Then asked about plans for DLC for other Battlefield games they had the following to say:

"There?s no specific plans. The success of [1943] has given it an existence within our lineup, in our thoughts. You could possibly see another type of 1943 in the future. But it doesn?t mean it?s going to be based on 1942. Seriously, all options are open. We haven?t closed our mind off to anything and we haven?t locked down that we?ll do anything specific."

Dustin S. 28-03-2010 02:12 PM

They should make a cartoony battlefield for consoles. Just like BF Hereos or something.

As for 1943 thats somewhat expected. The game was like a teaser for Bad Company 2 and was only 15 dollars? Its kinda sad we got an entire game of quality for the same price as DLC coming out for a "specific" game.

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