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Michal 08-11-2005 01:26 AM

Fatal Frame PS3 (review)

The third sequel in the popular horror series, and first for next-gen consoles. Although details are scarce, producer Keisuke Kikuchi has mentioned that the team intends to have at least twice as many characters in the game world at a time.
In a recent interview with Japanese website IT Games, Tecmo Games Producer Keisuke Kikuchi revealed that plans are already underway to continue the Fatal Frame series on the next generation of consoles.
Though he didn't specify which next-gen systems he was referring to, history points at a likely PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 release -- as all three of the previous games began as PS2 titles while two of them were eventually ported to the Xbox later on. The possibility that the next game could also appear on Revolution shouldn't be ruled out, either.
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