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EIN 22-03-2009 06:42 PM

We need more content***ing-genesis

I noticed this article is just basically a plug for Gametrailer's Invisible Walls; an excellent podcast btw. But here's where i begin to disagree.
We gotta stop relying on other sites for some of our news. We need to have our own exclusives, our own sources of info, our own podcast or something. We SHOULD NOT be forced to rebroadcast and advertise for Gametrailers like this, great as that site may also be. Ironically enough, I've posted in these forums with various links to other game sites, but I expected more from the staff. It's like marketing their site over what our site produces, which seems heavily counterintuitive. Why go to this site at all, when they could just go straight to the source? WE NEED TO BE THAT SOURCE.
We need more exclusives, more ORIGINAL content, and that Mars interview was an excellent start. I just hope we get more of that, rather than plugins for other sites. I'm also hoping that as this site grows, more of such exclusives will be made availaible to us

And just to reiterate, this is NOT a shot at the wonderful staff here at PCN.

What do you guys think? Am I wrong/crazy/retarded etc.? I don't mind flaming, i really would like to know

Nick 22-03-2009 07:14 PM

First, the fact of the matter is, developers don't just go to one source to do interviews and make responses or announcements, so therefore, if a site wants to cover as much daily news as possible, it is going to be forced to reference other sites. If we only covered original content, than there would be maybe 1-2 posts a week rather than 5-6+ a day. Even bigger name sites like Kotaku and Joystiq reference other sites(including our own), and if you see any news site not doing that, then they are plain and simple plagiarizing.

Second, while I do agree with you fully as to where I want this site to go, right now, PS3Center just lacks any power in the industry. We are too small of a site for developers to give a rats ass about. We've just gotten to the point where we can finally get developers to send us games to review(which is why you are probably starting to notice an increase in timely reviews posted). But developers want to give interviews to the sites where they know they'll get big views, like IGN or Gamespot. Hell, we're a PS3 site, and Sony still won't even send us games to review(which is why there is no MLB 09 review), let alone answer an e-mail from us. Therefore, we're forced to try to create interesting new angles on existing content, or write original editorials.

Finally, the staff here all works hard at producing new, original, and entertaining content, but you also have to remember, we're all 100% volunteer. We have absolutely no incentive to do this work(and it IS work) outside of our passion for video games. Sites like IGN have fully paid staff that can spend all day chatting with Sony, playing unreleased games, working on new content. For us, it's something to do in our free time, in between jobs and school.

Rest assured though, PS3Center is dedicated to providing the as much original content as we can.

Michal 22-03-2009 10:16 PM

Well said Nick .. EIN .. things are always easier said than done. You do not know how many emails we send out a week to PR... they're d*mn hard to get a hold of some of these Publishers.

Sony says they'll send us a game, then 2 days later you can't get a hold of them! These reps change from one day to another and some arent the most reliable people to work with! Assure you that we're doing our best atm, however with our 95k alexa ranking and 100k unique visitors a month, we're still much smaller than the big guys out there.

Now we do post those unique articles when we can, but what we dont understand at the moment is .. Why arent people signing up and participating?

If you look in terms of productivity, we supply as much news as most other fansites out there, but the difference between us and the others is that... they have XXXXXXX users to read those... we have maybe a couple hundred active users now? That's the difference. Most gaming sites live off their "Active users" and community.

Anways we're trying to get more known around the industry these days. Nick, Dustin, Jacob etc are all contacting PR in order to try to get exclusive info, articles and such... the issue is .. not all PR get back to us!

EIN 22-03-2009 11:30 PM

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the seemingly inflammatory first post. It seems I used unnecessarily abrupt language to express my point, and can perhaps be seen as an attack. Believe me when I say it is nothing of the kind.

Thank you for explaining everything so succintly and coherently.
Of course I realize that it would be nigh on impossible to get information about the gaming industry without referencing some outside source. It is, after all, a community, and information isn't free. Developpers will ALWAYS favor big names like Kotaku, IGN, etc. to get the word out, and smaller stations in the industry will invariably fall back upon whatever the big names dole out. There is nothing wrong with that at all, it's just the way the world works. Perhaps the issue I had with the article in question stemmed more from the way it was presented more than the content itself. Maybe just taking an audio excerpt of the quote mentioned in the article would have been easier than watching half of the 30 minute podcast on another gaming website. And while everyone would like more original content, I know its hard to come by, and even harder to put out. It is definitely easier to say "I want more!" than to magically come up with it. Perhaps here is where our growing community can help out, with user input and media.

I'm glad you guys also got to explain where, why and how this site works to whoever reads this. I hope that any visitor of this site will be able to digest this and realize how much time and effort is put into this website by the staff here at PCN. These guys do alot of work for the site (sometimes without sleeping all night!!!) and rarely get any recognition.
I also hope that whoever handles PR gets a glimpse at how frustrating it can be to not get replies, to be shut down without any explanation and basically be ignored. Despite the enormous amounts of emails those guys probably receive, sometimes a simple "no thank you" would go a long way.

In the end, I stand by my original thought though: we need to be the source of information.
Hopefully one day soon, PCN will become a standard just like IGN or Gametrailers!

Nick 22-03-2009 11:49 PM

EIN, no worries man. I know you were just speaking as a fan concerned about the site, we've traded a few PMs before so I know you're cool. At any rate, if anything, I think you're post may end up serving as a wake up call for some of the staff here that we should be going the extra mile to get better info.

And please, if anyone else has any feedback or constructive criticism about any of the content or anything about the site, post it up.

Dustin S. 24-03-2009 12:42 AM

UGH! I had a really long reply about this and my damn ISP was cutting out and it didnt get submitted, annoys the hell out of me. Anyways...

1 I understand what is being said about following news, but like we have all agreed thats how it is. In my opinion however, don't you enjoy a site that has ALL the news with interesting view points and talented writers more than a site that has one or two top stories? I mean we carry everything and there is no need to look at other sites for news. IF its worth reading, one of us will post it. Thats alot better than if we had say exclusive content here and there like IGN.

2 I dont know what to do with the forums. Im trying a bunch of stuff thats getting us traffic but why the hell is no one signing up and staying to talk....EIN is great for posting this about the main site and has some good pointers for improving that, but if you or anyone wants to speak up and tell us why you think the forums "suck" then please do it so i can look into it lol. This is what we need more than anything.

Our articles have been featured on N4G for the past few weeks to the past 2 months, every week we have at least 2. Both features ive posted recently got featured, along with our news like Insomniac announcing content. So our writers that are working for free are doing a great job, just imagine if they got paid lol, but its the forums thats killing us! We need those readers to come back and make our servers crash! Scare mike! lol ITs amazing to me that we are doing so well without a core user base at all, yes you guys here are reading but look at other sites with thousands of members that can barely keep up with us....

Im doing my best to come up with interesting ideas for you guys to read, along with a few roundtables i want to put together (if anyone has a topic they want the staff to talk about, please message me ill look into it!) along with reconstucting my reviews to be more interesting. The thing is im not the only person on the staff doing this and that shows how dedicated we are. If only we can get members to so we can get ads running and have something to show for it.

SamuraiKyo 24-03-2009 02:39 AM

Well to start yes this site is small, but its just the starting point. I would love to work and write cool stuff but I am so much of an mature to come up with anything for this site. I am currently studying Japanese, so that I am able to read really good important Japanese exclusive content and info etc. I will admit I am a Kotaku addict, I go on (Kotaku) EVERYDAY. But still I love PS3CENTER because I get content that I barely find on other sites. Heck" PS3CENTER is my Home page, lol

Michal 24-03-2009 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by SamuraiKyo (Post 37548)
Well to start yes this site is small, but its just the starting point. I would love to work and write cool stuff but I am so much of an mature to come up with anything for this site. I am currently studying Japanese, so that I am able to read really good important Japanese exclusive content and info etc. I will admit I am a Kotaku addict, I go on (Kotaku) EVERYDAY. But still I love PS3CENTER because I get content that I barely find on other sites. Heck" PS3CENTER is my Home page, lol

You can be very useful for us then! (translating Japanese articles?) :P

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