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aceshigh113 08-06-2007 02:28 PM

A New Psp In The Making???

And not only that, it looks like it's coming later this year. There have been rumors ever since the DS Lite hit that Sony was also planning a redesign of its portable. Some of those rumors have ground in reality, some of them are just wishful thinking. Nothing official has been announced, and Sony has shot down any chatter regarding a redesign saying it's not happening. With all this, PSP2 looks to be a pipe-dream ? Like it's not happening.

Apparently, it is.

Various third party and highly placed sources state that the PSP2 is coming. Speculation is swirling around the industry, and third party publishers are hoping to tie their games to the PSP2 launch. Thing is, Sony has yet to pass along any information about when that will be. Meaning we won't see big third party titles at launch.

Word has it that a big announcement will most likely hit at E3 with Sony unveiling the redesigned portable. An announcement of launch date (which should be sometime 4th quarter) is entirely possible as well. The redesigned product apparently does exist as this is what we've heard so far:

* The screen is gorgeous
* The loads are faster
* Improved buttons
* Internal flash ? 8GB
* Possible touch-screen
* Possible built-in camera
* Uses UMD

The recent blockbuster success in Japan should prove that the PSP is anything but dead and deserving of a make-over.

then this


Keep in mind this isn't Playstation Portable 2, but rather a redesign of the original, so it will be sporting the same internal hardware. But that's about the only thing that hasn't changed. The new Playstation Portable will have a much slimmer design, thanks mostly to a new LED screen that will deliver an ultra-crisp image but take up far less space. That LED also helps pump up the battery life of this sexy new model, which can last as much as four times longer than the original PSP. While the new PSP still makes use of the UMD drive, it will be a faster version and to help speed up loadtimes and gameplay, the portable will come packed with 8GBs of internal flash memory. Finally, the PSP's much maligned buttons have been revamped and the D-Pad has gotten a major overhaul, giving portable gamers something more like a Playstation 3 D-pad to play with.

The company is still trying to decide whether or not they want to include a built-in camera, as they weigh whether the cost of adding the device will be worth the benefit to gamers. Our money is on no camera because of the competitive price issues. Those of you holding out for a touchscreen are, unfortunately, going to have to wait, though word has it that it will most like make an appearance in Sony's next portable gaming device. While the new PSP will remain black, Sony is still trying to decide whether it will have a glossy or matte finish.

The final price for this new PSP hasn't been set, but Sony is hoping to sell it for under $170 or so. Manufacturing should commence in the upcoming weeks, and the product is going to be officially unveiled at this year's E3. The sale date being tossed around is August, but don't be surprised if it's pushed back to September. What's this reworked PSP called? It doesn't have a name as of yet, but may we suggest "PSP Slim"?

Sony Computer Entertainment of America declined to comment on "rumor or speculation."

Could this be??

moshakirby 08-06-2007 05:10 PM

I've not heard of many products that are "near completion" and have not decided on some key features of it like a built in camera or even a name.

They have no hard facts, the decided to make a whole article on things that pretty much they would like to see in their PSP. That was built on lies.

MattZani 08-06-2007 06:25 PM

they wouldn't change the PSP, if you've fully explored one, you'd know that there's no way in hell that they could make it smaller, with out removing the UMD drive, and anyway, its already too thin for some, if anything, it needs to be bulked out a lil'

aceshigh113 08-06-2007 06:30 PM

well that wasnt the only news article i've seen, i've seen about 20 different ones, & i think that they are doing it because they need SOMETHING to boost their sales

NinjaSimon 09-06-2007 06:13 AM

Touch screen eh? I wonder where they got that idea... <.< >.>

This sounds rather desperate, not like the DS lite, which was just another building block, not like a re-design. Also, inlcuding the umd drive in the newer one would be stupid. UMD's are old-tech and they cause longer loading times and smaller battery capacity.

aceshigh113 09-06-2007 03:43 PM

well i read that touch screen is out of the question they are saving it for their next handheld, but they are upgrading the UMD drive so it can up loading times & stuff like that, but i had one & i hated it for the loading times i eventually took it back cuz it made me soo mad, but after hearing this i think i might get another one, especially cuz it has 8 GB of internal flash & an extended battery

NinjaSimon 09-06-2007 05:49 PM

Bah I say, their console sales have been half of the DS's.

MattZani 10-06-2007 05:39 AM

only because

Child buys DS
Child breaks DS
child buys another DS

NinjaSimon 10-06-2007 06:06 AM


All of Nintendo's consoles are being toted as Family consoles, effectively, anyone can play them. So, of course they have to have some more childish games, and luckily for us, they're more creative than "Popular animated character's wacky adventures 23".

Anywho, if they were to release a psp without a umd drive (where most of it's problems arise from) then I would probably buy it.

aceshigh113 10-06-2007 02:30 PM

well fer one i'm w/ matt zani, cuz i accidentally stepped on my brothers DS cuz it was under some blankets on the floor, & i broke the top screen & he got a new one a couple days later. but why would sony release a PSP w/out a UMD drive?? cuz that would cause HELL cuz if you get a new PSP, you cant play the old games, so what would they make the games on??

MattZani 10-06-2007 04:26 PM

if this ever happens (it wont)

theres going to be a slimmer, faster UMD drive, which will cure the problems, but for me its not bad anyway.

svalbard 11-06-2007 10:48 AM

but now if you backup your umd to an iso on your memory stick, then your loading is even faster, plus better battery life.

aceshigh113 11-06-2007 01:02 PM

i think it is going to happen fer sure, just when is the question?? hopefully soon so i can get a PS3 then a PSP

juicyjuice107 11-06-2007 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by MattZani (Post 27423)
they wouldn't change the PSP, if you've fully explored one, you'd know that there's no way in hell that they could make it smaller, with out removing the UMD drive, and anyway, its already too thin for some, if anything, it needs to be bulked out a lil'

sony can make anything happen and i will get a slim when it comes out!

Mr. 33 20-06-2007 07:01 PM

it depends on how much it cost

aceshigh113 20-06-2007 09:31 PM

i dont think it will go for the $170, it will definately be more, or they will lower the price of the other one

Mr. 33 21-06-2007 12:15 AM

probably going to be higher than wii or atleast same price

aceshigh113 21-06-2007 12:43 AM

nah, it'll be below $200, i think

Mr. 33 21-06-2007 12:45 AM

below or at 200$ you know sony can't give a reasonable price on a console when first comes out

aceshigh113 21-06-2007 12:53 AM

i know, huh?

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