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DMC_S2000 22-04-2008 10:09 AM

My reasons for 40GB PS3......
I just got my PS3 for about 2 weeks ago, my PS3 is the 40GB model on which has: (as you all know....)
-40 GB
-2 USB port
-no card readers
-no backwards compatibility
-no Super Audio CD compatibility

And it also came with 2 free games when I bought it at the store and I chose:
- Ghost Recon 2 advance warfighter
- Gran Turismo 5 prologue
- and individually bought Devil May Cry 4

I originally planned to own 60 GB or 80 GB owner, but by the day that I'm going to grasp ('buy' I mean...) my very own PS3...there was a bad news came, all 60 GB and 80 GB models are out of stock (what the hell?!!), nothing left but the 40GB models...

So I just went to a near internet cafe to look in the internet whats on this 40 GB, lacks of feature and lower storage capacity (which really is a downer).....BUT I REALLY WANTED TO GET ONE BEFORE I GET HOME AND THAT WAS TO PROMISE TO MYSELF, I"VE WAITED FOR THIS DAY FOR A YEAR ALREADY!!! AND I WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE GT5 PROLOGUE AND DMC 4!!!!....

And so I really thought about the 40 GB......and these were my thoughts:
1. Only 2 USB port:
USB 4 port hub can solve this!!!

2. No Card readers:
I can buy an all-in-one card reader at a media store!!

3. No Backwards capability:
I have PS 1 and PS2 still working....why not just play the PS1 games to PS1 and play PS2 games on PS2, Isn't it a good idea to put all the Playstation consoles in my entertainment room and showing that my PS1 and PS2 are still working?....and if in case, there is a way on how to play PS2 games in 40 GB PS3 check this out:

4. only 40 GB storage:
I don't care at first co'z I personally wanted was Devil May Cry and GT5 Prologue installed in my PS3.....but later wanting more space because of the movies/pictures/musics that I wanted to store in my PS3, but guess what... I have a reserve 250 GB hard drive for my laptop (which is exactly the type of hard drive the PS3 needs), why not use it in my PS3??

5. no SACD compatibility:
I just found this in wikipedia: is said Super Audio CD on which used for musics......naaaah....not interested in Super Audio>ipod is the way I wanted musics to be....

6. cheap price:
The cheap price really works for me.....

On the top of that...I it still has the capability to show the same graphics and gameplay like the 60 GB and 80 GB can do....still has the Wifi and Bluethooth...also still has the sixaxis controller...and hey! Chrome trim!!! there were also a lot of silver chrome trim at the store but I still chose the black and metallic silver chrome (black + metallic silver = Luxury for me ^_^) but I admit the silver chrome is so cool!!...

When I got home, YEAH!!! the USB hub and all-in-one card readers work in my newly bought PS3 and got the 250 GB hard drive installed lately after few hours!

Right now I'm playing all the way! DMC 4 and GT5 prologue doesn't make me bored all day! but got me quite bored after a week...but why not have that G25 steering wheel for my GT5 prologue?.....hehehe, thats my next target.........

The 40 GB works for me (works better if it were a little more cheaper), with buying card reader and usb hub solves it....but the 40 GB, ummmm...well looks like I just got lucky having 250 GB hard drive reserve..I'm sure that everyone can save money and buy higher than 80 GB hard drive...

THANKS FOR READING!! for those of you who quite think that i suck for still choosing 40 GB rather 60 GB/80 least look at this point:


MattZani 24-04-2008 08:49 AM

Only bad thing about the 40Gbs is the incredibly high failure rate, other than that theyre all the same basically.

SideShowWw 13-05-2008 11:57 PM

I prefer the 60GB..Although i also have a 20 =)

snowthedirtbub 17-05-2008 08:35 PM

Same reason why i bought the 40gig, i already have a working ps2 (dont think ill be playing many ps2 games anyways with a ps3), and why would i need to download all my pics, and stuff onto my ps3 anyways? thats why i have a computer, so i don't need the card reader. The only thing i really wanted was 80gig storage, but then i thought, i haven't even used 40gigs of space on my computer, why would i need it on a gaming system? and people have gotten buy with the xbox 360 for a year longer and it only has 20gigs, and i can always upgrade later to a bigger harddrive.

aceshigh113 21-05-2008 01:06 PM

a lot of games install a couple GBs when you want to play them. and if you download things off the PSStore, you are definately gonna take up space. i have the 80GB and i have like 35 left. but then again, i have like 30 demos, 7 movies, 5 music videos, 15 pictures, and like 700 songs, so that might be why i dont have that much space

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