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X_Racer1 16-07-2009 08:25 PM

Home Update
Today according to SonyInsider a large update has come out for North American PlayStation Home, which includes some new Mall stores and the Namco Bandai arcade that Japan users have had access to. As well a Buzz space is now open with a 64 player trivia game available to play in it and there is a new Fight Night 4 area within the EA Sports area.

Update: After logging into Home, turns out to get access to the machines in the Namco Bandai arcade (You can look around the arcade without the game) you have to download the Namco Museum Essentials pack from the PlayStation Store at $10 which includes classic versions of Galaga, Pac-Man, Dragon Spirit, Xevious and Xevious: Resurrection, which is a high definition remake of the classic Xevious. Mall is definitely improved, no more empty stores are around although the Home Stuff store, while it appears and you can walk in, still doesn't have anything for sale. The Buzz Space requires two downloads to use, one for the lobby and a small one for the game itself. My first impressions are, it takes too long to start a game, I waited 5 minutes to start and got nothing, so I gave up. Not impressed whatsoever. The EA Sports Fight Night Area I leave to all of you to check out, since I won't download it.

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