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Dustin S. 20-08-2009 04:32 AM

Take a look at Slim Advertising...
Sony officially scares me

I put that in the category of the baby comercials lol. Id like to throw a rock at Sonys marketing team and see what happens.

m0tl3sl4y3r 20-08-2009 02:17 PM

I didn't really see the point of that video

glen421 20-08-2009 05:55 PM

The slim seemed cooler in that video. The recent pics do nothing for it. As for the people did Sony give them crystal meth and lock them up playing a PS3?

trediddy 20-08-2009 07:44 PM

what was the point of that advertisement

Dustin S. 20-08-2009 07:53 PM

They are trying to intrigue a younger im only joking (if you get it).

lloyd 21-08-2009 02:01 AM

That was very.. Abstract? And what's with the baby commercial hate? I loved those commercials and I am starting to think im the only person that did. I was so sad to see them go away. ;-;

trediddy 21-08-2009 02:24 AM


Originally Posted by Dustin S. (Post 48077)
They are trying to intrigue a younger im only joking (if you get it).

i think i get it (cuz im a younger audience right lol)

SaintAvi 21-08-2009 02:53 AM

Save the creativity for your games and stick to some straight forward clever advertising sony, for the sake of your brand

Dustin S. 21-08-2009 03:19 AM

Thats it im inspired to make a really creepy PS3 comercial lol. Anyone got any ideas? I have a few haha.

SaintAvi 21-08-2009 03:59 AM

Yep , just slap the PS3 logo at the end of this

Dustin S. 21-08-2009 04:21 AM

damn you haha, right before im about to sleep too. :)

lloyd 22-08-2009 12:23 AM

lalz. I like that idea Saint. Throw in some of those of so creepy babies and I'll be extremely happy. :P

m0tl3sl4y3r 22-08-2009 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by SaintAvi (Post 48102)

I like that idea

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