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-PS3 Help Thread-

Table of Contents:

  1. What you need to know about PS3 deaths & Fixing bricked PS3s!
  2. How to fix most issues with PSN
  3. Contacting Sony for hardware help
  4. Troubleshooting information


Well, as most forum members know, PS3 forums get a lot of comments about PS3's dieing, the following reasons are why a majority "die."

If the PS3 freezes at any point in time, do NOT turn it off from the back, that cuts all power to the PS3 instantly, resulting in many PS3 deaths.

There are two things that may come of this if you do it:

1: Your HDD becomes corrupt and you need to manually format it

2: The Blu-Ray disc lens breaks from having all power to it shut off while it is seeking data

PS3's disc lens seeks data when it freezes, remember all of those "Do no turn off power when game is loading" screens at the beginning of PS3 games? This is the reason their there.

To stop this, preform the following:

* Hold down the power button on your PS3 and it will shut everything down normally, you should hear three beeps in a row if you are doing it right.
* It is also advised that you should eject the disc in your PS3 when it is not being used, as said directly from Sony.

Now, as of the Firmware 2.50 Sony has incorporated a recovery menu into the PS3 to access a recovery menu, to enter it preform the following:

* Make sure your your PS3 off
* Hold down the power button on the PS3 until it turns off, repeat this process, instead of shutting off the second time it will beep twice and boot up into recovery.
* From here, fix any needed problems with your PS3
* Ask questions about the options here


* First of all, turn off all of your internet based electronics, than unplug their power cords after they have shut down
* Secondly, unplug your Modem/router's power supplies
* Now, ONLY plug in the PS3's power cables. Than turn your PS3 back on and than plug the power supplies back into your Modem/Router
* It is vital that your PS3's IP stay the same for this to work without going back and changing it from time to time, the above will most likely do the trick.
* Now, go into your PS3's XMB, go under settings, than look for "System Settings"
* Go into "System information" than look at "Z" to the right of "IP address" It should state: "X.X.X.Z" X's are represented to be different numbers, all routers are not the same, we just want to focus on the last number represented in "Z"
* Remember what number "Z" is, we need this later
* You may turn back all other devices and connect all other devices into the internet again; if not, repeat the steps above
* Now type the following URL into your URL bar, or only one will work for you however
* Now, if you know the "User ID" and "Password" enter them, if not the default is "admin" and there is no password; if that doesn't work, consult the router's manual for more information
* Now, find the "DMZ Sever" in your "Advanced"or options of the sort
* Type in "Z" that we found earlier into the last bos that is on your screen
* Select any "Enable" options then save your settings
* Please ask questions hee if you are in need of further help


How to Obtain Live Costumer Service

1: Call the following Number:


2: Their working hours are:

Monday - Saturday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST Sunday 7:00 - AM 6:30 PM PST

3: What you need to know before calling:

You must have a receipt of purchase to return your PS3. If you do not have the original receipt, you must pay 150USD for a replacement.

How to Obtain Online Costumer Service

1: How to contact

Click here for internet support.

2: What you should know

You may get a automated machine response with troubleshooting tips, please try live support first.


1: How do I connect my Bluetooth headset?

* Go to "Settings" on the XMB
* Under "Settings" go to "Accessory Settings"
* Under "Accessory Settings" go to "Manage Bluetooth Devices"
* Go to "Add Device"
* Make sure your headset if turned all the way off and holds some charge
* Hold down the button on the side of the headset until it starts flashing, this mean it is trying to connect to your PS3
* When it is recognized select your Bluetooth headset/stolen one in devices found
* The ps3 will then bring up a numberpad for the password, the default is "0000"
* You are done, it's now bound to your PS3, when you turn the headset on from now on, it will automatically couple with the PS3 so you can speak
* If your Bluetooth headset ever drops out when in game, just hit the button on the side of you headset once to reconnect it!
* If you want to change a Bluetooth headset when in game, just hit the home button, go to 'Settings" than go to "Accessory Settings" than "Manage Bluetooth Devices" than connect the new on

2: How do I output in HD?

* Make sure you have a HDTV and a cable supporting a HD output signal
* Make sure your PS3 is off with the red light glowing
* Touch the power button until it beeps twice
* You will be taken to the default resolution management screen, here you can setup you resolution and audio output

3: How do I redownload data that I already own on the PSN store?

* Go to the PSN store under network
* Select "View Downloads" at the top
* Find the file that you need and download it

4: How do I register my PSP with my PS3 for remote play?

* Go to "Settings" under the XMB
* Select "Remote Play Settings"
* Plug your PSP into you PS3 via USB and enter "USB mode" on your PSP
* Enter "Register Device" than register your PSP
* Now go to "Remote Start" and enable it
* You may now go to your PSP's "Remote Play" option and connect it to that PS3
* The PS3 must be in "Remote Play" mode or off for this to work

5: How do I back up my PS3's HDD?

* Go to "Settings" in the XMB
* Go to "System Settings"
* Go to "Backup Utility"
* Make sure you have a device large enough plugged into your PS3 to back up your PS3's HDD
* Select "Backup"
* After it's done you can repeat steps 1-3 then select "Restore" to restore your date

[I'm still fixing this up, just give me a bit before it's a completely finished article, ask all question here. I will answer all questions given to me, just give me a day to respond!]

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