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i got it! :D multiplayer is immense! the single player is GOOD but i gotta say i expected abit more and yeah im guessing its short, i have like 3 hours playtime in single player (and im playing on hardened) and i only have 4-5 levels left :/

anyone had any issues with it? the first few bronze trophies like train the militia etc i did the things but never recieved the trophies?

also the level im currently on i cant remember the name its quite long, but i have to follow a certain someone(dont wanna spoil anything for people who dont have it) in a snow place that leads onto a part with a runway that also has a crane on it, and it tells you to defend a building with the marker on the roof and the enemys wouldnt spawn so i couldnt complete the level :( and i killed myself due to this which to me waaaaaaaaaay back past the check point and happend again so i went on to multi player, anyone else had similar?

sorry for the huge message haha!
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