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See thats the exact reason I hate all the "we maxed out the PS/360" news. I mean if we believed that then PS2 was maxed out back in 2003...yet Black comes out and impresses everyone in 2006. You cant "max out" a console in just 3 years, its impossible.

360 may be nearing its max, but its not maxed yet. Developers are just not being creative. Uncharted may have "maxed" out the PS3 processing power, but whats stopping someone from putting it to better use? Its like filling a room with junk by just throwing crap in there, and its full. Or you can organize it, put in boxes and shelves, and fit twice as much crap in it.

The AA thing is what made me think of it. We have these developers all saying "oh it sucks at AA, it cant do this or that, i hate it" then EA comes along "hey look what we did, now it looks fantastic!"

Why im stating that is look at Alan Wake. That game, from what ive seen so far, looks fantastic graphics wise. No other 360 title looks nearly as good as it, in my opinion of course, and yet we keep getting stuck with Halo 3 graphics and poor details in other games. I blame it on the fact taht MS really has no first party support. Meanwhile Sony has what 7 to 10 studios raising the bar on a daily basis? One studio says "HA we are awesome" then another one comes along "Ha we did it better!"
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