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does Halo still have any potential left in it?

a conversation between myself and friends with 360s came up in the cafeteria at dinner last night.
basically, my friend, whos a HUGE 360 fanboy says that Halo is dead and they can't do much more with it.
my other friend with a 360 thought that they can't do much with it but he still likes it.
honestly, I think that they could do a bit more with it, not very sure what but they could still make more games I guess, not sure how original they would be but they could make more, they probably will just because people will still buy it, so I guess its not "dead" from an economic point of view if people will still buy it
but from a gaming point of view, how much more potential do u think Halo has?

later on in that conversation, they stated that Gears of war stll has some potential in it
so this leads to some more questions, does Gears of war still have potential in it and does it have more potential than Halo?
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