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The only way it has potential is if Bungie can spend a few years making a new one. Do a spin off or something dramatic to it, and make basically a whole new game. Bigger universe, differnt mechanics, etc....

That wont happen though and a new halo will be pushed onto someone else since Bungie isn't making it, and it will be milked. Just like crash, Spyro, hell even Socom Confrontation on PlayStation.

As for Gears, havent played it still so i dont know how closed off the universe is. To me with how Gears 2 is so similar to Gears 1 I dont think they have alot of room to move around, again unless something dramatic changes.

I say that because look at Doom. It didnt have alot of room to work with either, then bam Doom 3 and hell on Mars...perfect! New style, new story, new engine etc...Gears will be getting a UE4 though, so who knows.

Same could be said about Resistance, the only differnce is Insomnaic keeps throwing something new at it. R2 is nothing like RFOM, and I promise R3 will blow us away.
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