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Ya, but the thing is they opened it just to meet the holiday rush when it clearly wasnt ready, and did it just to counter Microsoft's Live experience which also recently came out. Sony really needed to blow away Microsoft, because they're always REACTING to Microsoft, not vice versa, but Home failed to do that. They'll never be number 1 that way, its a losing war.
Furthermore, whats the point in opening the Beta to the public when it was already on closed Beta for so long? what the hell is the point in having a closed beta AT ALL, if you publicly relaease the same thing? Its ridiculous... Sony dropped the ball palin and simple. Its not like they didnt have time, Home has been in the works for a long, long time.
So many fricking delays, and for what?

Sorry if its a little harsh, but poor marketing and an even poorer released product really tick me off.
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