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Originally Posted by ScSiTransfer View Post
When I first logged in to Home...(okay the only time I've been on home) I was excitedly curious. Then I had to stand in line to play some crappy arcade game. Wait patiently to play some stupid bowling game with a random person. And gawk at the actuality that it was a sausage fest as I saw like 2 females the whole time. I think generally Home has been a big wast of money which would have been better spent talking Atlus into finally increasing sprite resolution and relasing a persona 5 on ps3 next year.

I dont think it was a waste of money but kinda money put out there to test the waters on different ways of advertising. They are going the right direction just missing a few things (ie. more women).

They need to give their users more of a purpose to wanna sign into Home and play.
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