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The manager of the Coyotes had 3 failing businesses here in AZ...He has no idea how to run a business let alone a team. Like i said before the team was owned by him, they were fine. Thus they were winning...When he took over we lost All star players because he didnt want to pay, Tkachuk and Roenick were the best line ever. Plus i hate it (completely) when people say AZ has no hockey support at all. There are tons of fans here. Not winning a cup and not winning period are two differnt stories....Plus the Coyotes had a stadium of their own, they built a NEW one and it didnt need to be as nice as it was, yet they did it. Like i said it wasnt JUST a stadium, they built a CITY around the team, you dont do that if it has no support....Without the Coyotes the Cardinals wouldn;t have gotten their stadium, thats how big it is.

Doesnt matter anyways, im completely happy and glad i was fighting with them this whole time. Judge rules in favor of NHL and the coyotes stay! Woot
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