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Web Browser on 360

Who here would like to see a web browser (Internet Explorer or something) on the 360!

I would love there to be one as it is it is not always convenient for me to use the family PC (like during the night) and I dont own a laptop.

Why doesn't MS give us one! The PS3 and Wii have it and I never recalled anyone complaining about the DreamCast's internet service. But MS would rather give us total crap like Facebook and Twitter!

I have herd gamers say on other forums that having to type things in with the controll pad would make having IE impossible to use. Well they could alwyas make it compatible with either the messenger pad or you could use a USB keyboard (like you can on Wii) with it.

So I would love a web browser. It is a real pity that you cant put one in on Windows Media Centre.
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