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Originally Posted by lloyd View Post
Can someone help me with Wi-Fi?

I want to play games online but no DSL or Cable Broadband is available in my area. Can I still use Wi-Fi (excuse the stupid questions)?

Do I need a ISP? If so how much does something like that cost?

What kind of hardware would I need? How much would that cost?

I do know that there is different kinds of Wi-Fi (something like that), what kind would I need for gaming?

Sorry for such dumb questions, I have tried finding out the info on my own but never found very much of the info to be helpful.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

there are some things you can do. what state do you live in first off, any are u sure they dont have dsl or cable internet.

um there are some mobile companies that allow you to get internet access using a laptop via a network card that connects to the cell towers. what im thinking is you could turn ur lappy into a router and connect the ps3 to it that way.

i wouldnt know the technicalities of how to do it, but that is one possibility.

as for costs i know the cable we pay for here in so cal (Time warner "Road Runner" brand cable internet) is something like 30-40 bucks a month. i wouldnt know what the cell phone companies charge, but you can bet its at least 50 bucks plus the cost of the card (which will be more then normal).

um, i would call your cable or satellite provider, they usually offer some internet/phone/tv services and usually you can get some discounts if you have more then 1 service.

as for what type for gaming cable internet would be better, this just means it connects using the same cord as your cable instead of a phone cord. as for the "type" of internet and wifi that would all be determined by your router. go with a dlink (they have some gaming brand ones), and just keep in mind that the ps3 uses "G" and the psp uses "B" (G includes B, also might look into the "N" standard, it is the newer one 10x faster and includes G, B, and N).

if you have any more questions just email or pm me.


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