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Originally Posted by X_Racer1 View Post
Oh yes, my system is allowed to come to college with me and I'm allowed to use on the TV included with my room, I just can't use it online but obviously it will still get use for single-player and of course some local multi-player action.

Bomberman Ultra though is a great buy for anyone who hasn't bought it yet, or won it, even has online multi-player and character customization with unlockable costumes.
that sucks that u can't play online, but I sort of feel your pain, the wireless internet in my room is really unreliable, when I can get signals, they're really good, but a lot of the time, the servers are down, for the ones with no security anyways, I'll probably just have to get myself a router to deal with that problem
EDIT: I solved my no-internet problem, my campus bookstore where u get your books sells a lot more than just books, I managed to get a 25 foot network cable for like $13 so I can go online now and not have to deal with the unreliable wireless in my residence.
its luxury having a wired connection when you've been using 55% wireless signal strength for as long as you've has your PS3

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