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This should be a rather easy setup. All my settings are set to auto on my PS3. My wireless router issues IP's dynamically and I have multiple wireless devices in my home. I have turned off my PS3 countless times with no issues. If your router can do WPA instead of WEP then try switching to WPA (it's better than WEP) if not then you have to make sure all characters are 100% correct when entering the WEP which can be quit troublesome on Dual Shock. Also WEP is easily hacked. If you are in an apartment bldg some one might have your IP addresses and could be using them.

I'm not sure if you have multiple wireless devices but I would try to connect all of them at the same time and see what happens. Then try your PS3 as well. Then do the opposite disconnect all wireless devices and try to connect the PS3. It almost sounds like the IP that your PS3 is using is taken by another device.
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