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Originally Posted by EIN View Post
You have to remember that these cash cards aren't exactly necessary to PSN, and that Sony is just desperate for any and all means of making up money. The purpose for these cash cards is so that kids who don't own credit cards can go online and actually buy stuff without their parents knowing or consenting. I actually went out and got myself one because I was curious, and the things are pretty cheaply made. In fact, the PSN input system for the cash cards seems really sketch, and it wouldn't surprise me if Sony did away with the system altogether in about a year or two. There just isn't enough content online right now to justify their existence.
your right about not having enough content online at the moment but i see it all changing. Id like to see Sony add the options of buying the hard copy as well and have them shipped to your address. Think about how much more money they would be able to make by doing that and how much more of a demand the game cards would be. Although i think it is unlikely for this to happen one can always dream
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