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So my Grandmother actually bought a Wii...

I always heard these arguments on console wars forums about how the Wii only sells to grandparents and little kids or whatever. While I didn't doubt that some old folk had gotten a hand on Nintendo's new console, I certainly thought these were isolated cases.

Lo and behold, my own Grandmother actually bought herself a Wii! She picked up The Price Is Right for it as well. Don't know if she's bought any other games, but I imagine she'll pick up the Wii Fit, as well as any fishing games on the system.

While I'm glad to see that she bought a Wii, I find it kind of disturbing because she used to tell me video games were evil back when she used to see me playing Shinobi on Sega Genesis. I also doubt we'll ever be able to talk about good games like Smash Brothers or No More Heroes. Oh well. +1 for Nintendo!
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