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First, the fact of the matter is, developers don't just go to one source to do interviews and make responses or announcements, so therefore, if a site wants to cover as much daily news as possible, it is going to be forced to reference other sites. If we only covered original content, than there would be maybe 1-2 posts a week rather than 5-6+ a day. Even bigger name sites like Kotaku and Joystiq reference other sites(including our own), and if you see any news site not doing that, then they are plain and simple plagiarizing.

Second, while I do agree with you fully as to where I want this site to go, right now, PS3Center just lacks any power in the industry. We are too small of a site for developers to give a rats ass about. We've just gotten to the point where we can finally get developers to send us games to review(which is why you are probably starting to notice an increase in timely reviews posted). But developers want to give interviews to the sites where they know they'll get big views, like IGN or Gamespot. Hell, we're a PS3 site, and Sony still won't even send us games to review(which is why there is no MLB 09 review), let alone answer an e-mail from us. Therefore, we're forced to try to create interesting new angles on existing content, or write original editorials.

Finally, the staff here all works hard at producing new, original, and entertaining content, but you also have to remember, we're all 100% volunteer. We have absolutely no incentive to do this work(and it IS work) outside of our passion for video games. Sites like IGN have fully paid staff that can spend all day chatting with Sony, playing unreleased games, working on new content. For us, it's something to do in our free time, in between jobs and school.

Rest assured though, PS3Center is dedicated to providing the as much original content as we can.

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