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Originally Posted by Dipchit02 View Post
Ubisoft has been putting alot of good stuff out there lately.

I have to agree with you Az1zam that i hate EA i mean they have some good stuff (that they ONLY publish) but most of their stuff is just the samething with another number on it
Well, titles they publish even suck at times. I never get along with whatever EA publishes and develops. Even Dead Space got plot holes, major ones too. Only one of them will be answered in a sequel, if any.

I think I need to make a thread about this.

By the way, I also like Bioware a lot! They're just great! They are even developing a new Star Wars game, turned out to be a winner for best trailers on E3. I loved the trailer, should've been an entirely new movie. Point is, in their hands, that Star Wars game can't go wrong - like the rest.
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