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Originally Posted by Michal View Post

- Comment Credit: +20 pts
- Comment Infraction: -25 pts
- Submit PlayStation 3 Theme: Theme needs to be approved by the Administrators first: +300 pts


- Induction Credit: Applied when user first joins this usergroup such as by registration, subscription, manually, etc. +250 pts
- Activity Credit: Applied every set time period if the user qualifies as having been active during that period. +25
- Referral Credit: Applied when a referral is validated. This is checked every midnight. + 250 pts
- Referee Bonus Credit: +250
- Referral Validation Days: Days registered a new referee must be for both users to receive their respective referral bonuses. 7 Days
- Referral Validation Posts: Min postcount a new referee must have for both users to receive their respective referral bonuses. 20 posts
- Received Reputation Credit: Applied when the user receives reputation. +10 pts
- Infraction Credit: Applied when user receives an infraction. -50 pts
- New Thread Credit: +50 pts
- Posting Credit: Applied for all valid posts, except when creating a new thread or replying to your own thread. +20 pts
- Your Thread Posting Credit: Applied for all valid posts made in a thread which they originally created. +20 pts
- Your Thread Replied Credit: Applied to the thread owner when their thread is posted in. Does not count on the owner. +10 pts
- Poll Created Credit: +50 pts
- Poll Voted Credit: +15 pts
For real? Mine says I still have 0 points? O.o
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