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Brand new PS3 dead?

Well, I purchased a new PS3 on Saturday the 14th... Today I was just playing killzone 2 and suddenly I lose sound. I do not pay much attention to that, thinking "Oh, I probably sat on my TV remote..."

I then get a notification to charge my controller. So I plug the controller in and then my PS3 freezes...

I turn it off, then try to turn it back on. It sort of comes to life by showing me a shiny green light. That's it. Nothing on the screen, no sound. Turned it off by holding the power button (i/o) for about 10 seconds, then turned it back on, and the same green light appears like everything is fine. I checked all the cables. Tried a different HDMI cable from another TV, tried another TV, but still the same green light with no picture or sound. Also tried the cables that came with the PS3, did not help. My controller also does not want to sync with the system, if that matters.

Is there anything that I can do before sending it in back to Sony?
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