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Originally Posted by Dustin S. View Post
It sucks that some devs wont go back and update their games with trophies. Capcom agest ago said they would be having trophies for DMC4. Then Kojima could easily add trophies to MGS4, you get rewarded for everything via in game trophies anyways....just turn those into trophies and people will be happy.

It cant be that hard, your basicly putting in code to trigger trophies in your game. Since its standard and not a single dev complained, i dont see how its hard to update old games.
I hear yah man, it would be awesome if devs just went back and added trophy support to their games. Thing is, old games would get a boost in sales for a little while too, so there's really no down side to it.

To be honest, I picked Lost Planet up a while ago, got right into the game, then my old TV broke, so I stopped playing. I want to get into it again, but I can't seem to get interested. If Capcom added trophy and in-game XMB support, I would be all over it again lol.
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