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I'm sure the police have far better IP tracking tools then available to the public, besides it's not like they can't get the information from your ISP, all they need is a warrant. That sucks about the cars though, luckily my car looks so bad due to the rusting body, common problem with Honda's of that time and the piece of the front bumper missing, no one would want to steal it. I do know some people who lived in Quebec, old neighbours, had a fairly new Toyota Camry, came back from shopping and their parking space was empty and I know someone who frequently travels to the Montreal area, who has had their mirror destroyed, window smashed and company vehicles broken into numerous times and things stolen. I think the main thing to tracking down your PlayStation if it's ever stolen is knowing it's serial number and having your account information available to give police and Sony so they can track it because even if they deleted your account, I'm sure Sony can check whether your console's serial number has hit the network recently.
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