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Yeah i fix up alot of cars interior and what not so they look nice. My friend had this brand new interior and what not with a nice remote starting alarm. Decided to go to the number one place in AZ where cars are stolen for some reason, saw a movie, came back the window was gone the stereo equipment was gone, the interior was destroyed, the callum was screwed up, and they went into the hood and stole the alarm lol. Ive had my car stripped clean before too.

As for tracking it that is defently a great idea! The numbers are also on the box so if ou keep that hidden away you are pretty good. Then you can also call sony and have them ban and track the mac address of the PS3, thats how they perm ban you from the network. That way if it tries to access the internet it triggers an alarm in sonys half and they contact you. If they implement this right it would be the ultimate thing ever, would make alot of theives think twice about stealing any PS3.
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