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What I did just last week. My laptop was done and I just purchased a new 500GB hard drive so i wanted to toss it in my PS3.

Well I dont have an external hard drive and i didnt have money to buy one, so I couldnt just use the backup utilitily. What I did was just take my flash drive and manuely copy and pasted every game save to it. Sucked, I have like 100 game saves lol. The bad thing about this is some devs are stupid and dont let you do this because its locked...Just so happened the only one that did it to me was Killzone (the main file) and NFS Shift, everything else worked.

Then you take the hard drive out, pop in the new one (literlly just pop it in lol) then the PS3 will read its new and format it for you. The cool thing is all your profiles stay etc...So just login to your same profile, and copy and paste the gamesaves back over. You can do it with pretty much everything but Downloaded games, cus they are locked too.

To answer your question if you have, or want to buy, an external hard drive id do it. Its an easier two step process. Plug it in, push back up, switch internal drives, push restore. I personally just used a 4GB USB drive.

However they just updated to allow you to transfer files between two PS3's. Im curious to see how this works...
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