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yeah..I really hope they eat their words just because of how much they trash talk.
I get made fun of some times for saying this but I actually don't mind the Maple Leafs as a team.
but I hate them because of their fans are so stupid and blindly loyal. if they fans wouldn't trash talk so much, I wouldn't find it funny when they lose all the time.
even though they have a good team this year, I want them to get their asses handed to them this year just because my buddy has been bragging for the past month and now that the season started last night, and Toronto actually won against Montreal, my buddy was bragging about how Montreal got "raped" and how it wasn't a close game even though the final score was 3-2, which is pretty close.
what ****ed me off the most was he knows I'm a Habs fan but he was trash talking about Montreal likes it up the ass and a whole bunch of other **** about them even though i was right there.

but when I say that I don't like them and don't really want them to win...he gets all defensive and say I'm just being a hater even though Toronto screws up every season practically and at least Montreal makes the playoffs usually

sorry if I offend any Leafs fans on these forums
Go Montreal Canadiens
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