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I dont think any of us are in a position to really be able to postulate
on what they can or cant do in terms of a staggered return of the PSN.

Fact is that every day the network is down, the Playstation brand is devalued in addition
to the more wide reaching Sony brand. Meaning a drop in customer faith in their brand as well as
in their stock prices which they undoubtedly would stop immediately if they could.
But once again the damage done would pale in comparison to reinstating the network and having
would be hackers find another way to weasel their way in.

In a situation like this I think prioritizing a secure relaunch takes precedence over a
speedy one. Their communication however with their customers has been awful, every
update really boils down to them saying 'we're working around the clock to restore it'
and while that isnt terribly helpful, not having spoken to us in 3 days is suuuper

I have a feeling they'll pull a apple like press release though saying that the network is
'available right now' though on the next update.

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