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Depends on a few things, first of all is the PS3's hard drive bigger than your current hard drive in your laptop, as you have to replace the one in your laptop currently as most laptops don't support more than 1 internal hard drive, there simply isn't the space for more. Two, does your laptop use SATA or an IDE interface, if your original hard drive is below 80GB I would safely assume it's an IDE type interface as SATA hard drives don't really exist in small sizes. If it's IDE interface you have to use the old PS3 hard drive externally as SATA isn't backwards compatible with IDE, if it is a SATA then it will be as simple as removing the hard drive cover on your laptop, sliding the old one out and sliding the new one in. You will also need to obviously reinstall your operating system and transfer any files to the new hard drive.

If you have to use it externally here's a link to what you would need to do so. Obviously you don't have to buy it from Best Buy, any computer shop should have something available.
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