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Pretty good for your first tries. ^^ which one was the hardest to make?
Very good actually, my brother is also a 3DSMax modeler. He doesn't like it when there is limit on the amount of Polys he can use though. Most of his stuff has literally thousands and thousands of polys. But you are using 2000 tris, which is 1000 polys, so very very good.

I'd guess that the car was probably the hardest to model, because you had to texture on the grill and lights, which means you must not have had much polys available. Also did you model the back and the other side which is not visible?
Yeah the car was kinda the hardet because of most of the curves, think it took me like three weeks to do, and yeah Shak I have done all the way around although I didn't run out of polys for the grill, that was part of the assignment to texture one bit of the car and I though the grill and lights would be the best.

Everything else was kinda easier after the car as I really learned a lot on modelling a vehicle. Also the easiest vehicles would of been the M270 as it took me 6 hours to fully create the armed truck. With the Boat coming a close second taking me three days to create.

EDIT: Damn Shak... show me up why don't you! lol
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