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There aren't any problems with the PS3 overheating, that's only a 360 problem. Now, if you keep your PS3 in a small room like I used to, you may notice the room getting hot after a couple hours of play, but that's just due to the hot air the PS3 is expelling. Remember that it's good for the air coming out of the PS3 fans to be hot, it means that the cooling system is doing its job of keeping the PS3's innards cool.

I dunno about those Nyko fans though, I've heard some horror stories about those, especially with the 360 version, look at these reviews:

I wouldn't worry about the PS3 overheating, Sony did a good job designing the hardware. I know people that leave their PS3s on for days to do Folding@Home, and they don't have any troubles with heating issues.
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